February Board Meeting Highlights

  • Discussion of the updated ECP Strategic Plan. Revisions provide additional guidance and direction on Board priorities and committee projects.
  • ECP stakeholders are encouraged to show support for continued County funding for ECP to support marketing for OEC and operations of ECP through oral or written testimony at the upcoming County budget hearings March 12 at George Howard Building.
  • Business owners are encouraged to connect with their ECP Ambassador to share feedback and suggestions for the community.
  • Three new businesses will be opening in OEC near-term – stay tuned for ribbon-cutting celebrations and help us welcome them to town.
  • ECP will share information as it is available from the County to stakeholders about the special event filming in OEC. We encourage a positive attitude about this win for our town.
  • SpringFest planning is underway! Vendor, Musician and Volunteer sign ups can be found on the VisitOldEllicottCity.com homepage. Volunteers and sponsorships are critical to our success.  Let us know how you want to help.
  • Recap discussion on the Giving Tuesday Fundraising campaign and the Holiday Voucher program – we hope to enhance and continue with both programs for the 2020 holiday season.
  • Upcoming Events:
    March 25-28        Ellicott Silly Comedy Festival
    April 18                SpringFest

January Board Meeting Highlights

  • Discussion of the 2019 Holiday season events, promotions and feedback. OEC businesses and residents are encouraged to give feedback to the ECP on the holiday season and any suggestions or requests for future seasons.
  • ECP will be presenting to further support our county budget request at the next budget hearing in March. Constituent support is most appreciated.
  • Discussions continue on funding and finding additional sources of revenue in order to ensure we can continue to support the OEC community.
  • The Ambassador Program has been rolled out and each OEC business has an assigned ambassador from the ECP board. Please share your feedback, requests and suggestions with your ambassador.
  • Discussion on SpringFest plans and proposed changes to the event to further differentiate it from Main Street Music Fest and increase the amount of family fun and kids’ activities.
  • An ECP Happy Hour is being planned for the spring to help raise money for ECP to support the community. Stay tuned for details.
  • Upcoming Events
    February 22        Mardi Gras on Main/ Boogaloo at the Bin
    February 29        Leap Day Week promotion “Spend Your Extra 2020 Day in OEC”
    March 25 – 29     Ellicott Silly Comedy Festival      

November Board Retreat

  • Instead of a business meeting, the ECP board held a board retreat focused on brainstorming our programs, events and focus for the organization for the new year. We are excited to continue to sharpen our focus to what is most critical to help the OEC community. Stay tuned for more details, and as always please share your feedback and comments with us.

October Board Meeting Highlights

  • Update and discussion of ongoing Master Plan process and the best way to collect and share plan feedback from our constituents so their feedback will be heard and reflected in the final plan.
  • Giving Tuesday campaign with personal pitches from each board member will be rolled out in November. This will be a personal chance for each board member to highlight why they serve and the impact ECP has on the community and encourage year-end giving.
  • We are excited to be rolling out our new Ambassador Program. Each board member will have 5 businesses for whom they will be an ambassador and connect on a monthly basis. This will make sure all of our businesses in OEC know about upcoming programs and events, as well as making sure we are responsive to the needs of the community.
  • We continue a thorough review of our by-laws and making changes to enable us to best serve the community.