Start: October 15, 2021
7:00 pm
End: October 15, 2021
9:00 pm

Event Venue

8328 Court Avenue Ellicott City, MD 21043


Blaire Postman: Struggling Chartist is an uproarious solo show that combines Postman’s signature flip chart stand up comedy, running commentary about her life with long-undiagnosed ADHD, and the lessons learned where the two intersect.

It premiered at the Silver Spring Black Box on June 30, 2021 as Improbable Comedy‘s first return to in-person shows. Directed by Chelsea Shorte.

Doors / Wine & Beer Bar: 6:00PM — Show Time: 7:00PM

The performance combines Postman’s uproarious signature flip chart stand-upcomedy pieces with running commentary about her life with long-undiagnosed A.D.D., and the lessons learned where the two intersect.

The one person show is a rollicking tour inside the comic’s brain, including the patterns & connections she sees in ordinary things that go unnoticed by most people, and how that ability can make everyday items and experiences entertaining, fun and, occasionally, even profound.

Postman, a solid member of GenX, describes how she learned to work with – and love – her “tornado” brain, instead of trying to fight or control it, as was expected growing up in the 1970’s & 80’s (“before A.D.D. was an official thing,” she notes). Also, there’s singing. And some audience participation.

There will be coy and sardonic adult language!

Last year gave Postman the time and space to envision the solo show. “I realize now that I was probably starting to burn out a bit,” Postman says of her hectic pre-pandemic nationwide travel and performance schedule. She notes that, though flip charts might seem “weird” to some bookers and other comics, they are audience favorites. She believes that’s in part “because those sets are some of the most fun for me to perform. And if I’m having fun, I promise that the audience is having fun, too. What can I say? I have an adorably infectious type of enthusiasm for weird yet amazing stories and unexpected revelations.”

The flip charts also serve a practical purpose in her comedy, as Postman notes near the top of the show. They’re a way of channeling her ability to see hidden connections, dynamics and unintended consequences, into an orderly format that’s easy for an audience to follow. “I go down a rabbit hole, look at a million different possible connections, and analyze the threads that are fun and interesting. Then I come back up and put it into this nice, straight-lined, self-sufficient art form – a flip chart – so that folks can more easily follow the patterns and ironies that I see.” Though she has plenty of “non flip chart” stand-up material, the “flip bits” are important enough that they have their own special suitcase for traveling.

Blaire’s perspective resonated with Chelsea “The audience will get to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Blaire is sharing what makes her perspective different than the way we are traditionally taught to think – but that doesn’t make it less valid.” They continue, “Blaire’s brain takes the scenic route while others are breezing by on the expressway. She gets to the same place we all get to but with more adventure and stories along the way.”

Improbable Comedy’s Kim Levone is excited to work with Blaire for this first Improbable Comedy solo show. “Blaire is one of our audience’s favorite performers. She is smart, super creativeand unapologetically herself.”

“People will identify with Blaire and empathize with the message she has gotten her whole life:‘If you could just think differently’ or ‘if only you could focus’ and ‘can’t you just…’ The show is an attempt to alter that narrative and demonstrate how these non-typical ways of thinking are important, interesting and not any less valuable,” Levone added.

Tickets are $15 in advance (1:00PM day of show) and $20 at the door while supplies last. All sales are final unless the show is canceled entirely.

If you are asked to wear a mask, you will need to do so. If you can’t wear a mask we ask you not to buy a ticket.

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All ticket sales are final unless the show is canceled.

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