Magical Beasts: Meet Maryland’s Cryptids

What mysterious creatures lurk in dark forests or swim in deep waters of Maryland? Join us for this new program to meet your local cryptids.


Thursday, Jun 15 2023


7:00 pm


Georgia Grace Cafe'
8333 Main Street, Ellicott City, MD

These beloved beasts offer different ways to see the history of the state. Be it Chessie the Sea Serpent, the sinister Black Goat of Seven Hills, or Howard County’s own Hyote, each of these monsters will spark your imagination and make you wonder what is possible out there in the shadows, just at the edge of your mind’s eye…

Our presentation will premier at Georgia Grace, complete with light fare and sweets.

The evening’s offerings will include cafe-favorite, falafel, with Greek dressing, spanakopita triangles, and a selection of mini house made cookies, plus wine, coffee, and tea.

For ages 12 and older.


Maryland History Tours LLC
(410) 303-2959