Thursday Tastings


Start the New Year right! - Come to a Wine Tasting Class at the Wine Bin!


Thursday, Feb 22 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


The Wine Bin
8390 Main Street, Ellicott City, MD, USA


Recurring Event

Join our wine expert, Nick on select Tuesday or Thursday evenings for a chance to expand your wine horizons. Fine tune your palate and your vino vocabulary, discover new favorites and have fun with Bin friends while celebrating our favorite beverage.  Each class will taste through three to five wines.

These casual and intimate classes are held from 7:00 to 8:00 pm and welcome up to 15 wine drinkers.

Episode 6:   January 11th – Pinkies Up!  Junk Food Wine Pairing

Pair delicious wines with common junk food favorites.  Everyone has them, and they shouldn’t be excluded from wine pairing!  We’ll show you that wine can work with even the most unlikely guilty pleasures we all know and love.

Episode 7:   January 25th – Ask Your Questions!  Wine 101

A fun crash course on wine and wine tasting basics.  From how and why to properly taste, New and Old-World wines, different grapes and wine making practices, and explanations of frequently used vocabulary, you will walk out smarter than you started.

Episode 8:   February 8th – Wine Regional Tour – Northeastern Italy

Learn and sample stunning examples of wine from Alto-Adige, Friuli, and beyond!  There are many parts of the world that we can all learn more about and learn to appreciate.  Take a look and taste at the wide variety and beautiful wines that Northeastern Italy has to offer!

Episode 9:  February 22nd – Sparkling Wine 101

Opening a good bottle of sparkling wine is reason enough to celebrate!  In this beginner friendly class on bubbly we cover a wide variety of regions and example of sparklers, from France, Italy, Spain, and the New World, as well as how they are made, served, paired with food, and how you should be drinking it for every occasion!




The Wine Bin
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