The Holiday Train Walk returns to Main Street this year for an encore performance thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours by our friends from Howard County Fire & Rescue, Ellicott City Volunteer Fire Department, and their hard working friends and families.

The 22 year beloved trains tradition at Fire Station 2 has once again been transformed into a walking tour including 8 OEC businesses and 9 window wonderlands, each with its own personality and hidden treasures.  

Scan QR codes at each window and enjoy a scavenger hunt by way of your smart phone.  Who will be first in the family to spot the Bromo Seltzer Tower, Penguins at a Campfire or Ice Skating M&Ms? 

Please join us in thanking the Fire & Rescue train magicians.  We are so grateful for their generosity and commitment to spreading the holiday spirit through these wonderful displays.   Help keep their magic happening by donating HERE.

Collect your favorite friends and take our wonderland walk, November 27 – January 3!

1 – Boman’s Dental – 8374 Main Street
2 – Su Casa – 8307 Main Street
3 – Primitive Beginnings – 8247 Main Street
4 – Sweet Cascades – 8197-A Main Street
5 – Syriana Cafe – 8180 Main Street
6 – Big Little Cheese – 8191 Main Street
7 – (Old) Shoemaker Building, Window #1 – 8095 Main Street
8 – (Old) Shoemaker Building, Window #2 – 8095 Main Street
9 – Park Ridge Trading Co. – 8080 Main Street

Click on the links below or the QR code at each window – Happy Hunting!