Because health fuels happiness — Welcome to your healing haven.

In our heart-centered studio, we nourish the mind through meditation, the body through yoga and the spirit through a strong sense of community.

In order to truly achieve optimal health and happiness, all three elements must connect.

From the second you step foot into our studio, you’ll sense that you’ve stumbled upon something bigger — a safe and welcoming space that makes yoga class feel more like a tribe than a passing trend. We meet you exactly where you are, to give you an individualized experience that leaves you feeling seen, heard and most of all — happier.


Main Street Yoga’s story begins with a small brick building nestled in the heart of Ellicott City. The Studio originally opened it’s doors amongst the busy bright historic town in early 2010 and welcomed yoga enthusiasts into a safe space of healing. For years Main Street was a haven of healing and a spiritual sanctuary for residents of Ellicott city before closing doors.

Miranda and Julie Sanders had attended Main Street Yoga for years, so when the time came that the studio was looking for new owners they saw an amazing opportunity to grow closer to their love of yoga. They decided to continue Main Street Yoga’s legacy with the hope of bringing the community closer in a space of healing. They are excited to share their passion of yoga and love of health and wellness with family and friends.

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