We’re thrilled to be offering our wonderful, artisanal ice cream on Main Street in Old Ellicott City!


We make our ice cream daily the old-fashioned way, by hand in small batches, using only the highest quality, natural ingredients.
Our dairy comes from grass-fed cows raised on small, family-owned farms in Pennsylvania and is certified rBST- and antibiotic-free. This proprietary blend of cream, milk, egg yolks, pure cane sugar, and other all-natural ingredients forms a rich base of 17 percent milk-fat – hence, ultra-premium. The higher percentage of milk-fat – with less sugar and less air than other ice creams – results in a rich, dense, creamy dessert that is wholly satisfying – the best of the best.
Not many ice cream companies can call their products ultra-premium, and Moorenko’s is proud to be one of them. You can try it for yourself in our scoop shops, in many of DC, Maryland and Virginia’s top restaurants, and at an ever growing number of stores.


“We wanted to create an ice cream that would make people fall in love. My favorite thing is watching people taste our ice cream for the first time—when they stop whatever they’re doing to savor the experience.”

Opening Hours


11am - 9pm


11am - 9pm


11am - 9pm


11am - 9pm


11am - 10pm


11am - 10pm


10am - 9pm


Our Address:

8054 Main St Ellicott City, MD

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