Household Membership

Business Membership

Friends & Family of ECP: $50/Household

●      An invitation and voting rights at the ECP Annual Meeting
●      The opportunity to get involved in the ECP Advisory Board
●      An opportunity to get involved in an ECP Committee
●      An opportunity to support ECP in its efforts to continue the economic growth of OEC

Join as a Household

Businesses of ECP:  $150

●      ECP Website Listing
●      ECP Member Decal
●      An invitation to the ECP Annual Meeting, and voting rights on board membership
●      The opportunity to get involved in the ECP committees
●      Free Membership to the Maryland Retailers Association, which includes discounted services
●      Discounted Membership to the HoCo Chamber of Commerce by signing up through ECP
●      Access to ECP educational workshops at a free/discounted
●      Discounted tickets to ECP signature events
●      OEC Businesses Only: ECP Event Promotion package included
●      Discounted marketing opportunities through ECP during the holiday season *1

*1: ECP to put a webpage together of discounts happening during the holidays. This could link to the website and newsletter.
Join as a Business