Advanced Aerial Imaging Concepts (AAIC Visual Perceptions)

An Old Ellicott City based multimedia company providing aerial and ground photography/video, graphic arts, social media marketing services, and more. We’re dedicated to the filming and production of aerial and ground cinematic and photographic pictures and movies.  We cater to a wide variety of small and medium sized clients including non-profits, private and commercial property builders, museums and documentary film makers. As a full service small business, we offer everything from raw stock footage to delivering the final edited product. We use high quality equipment and love what we do. With more than twenty years of combined experience, we offer exceptional quality work at a great price. AAIC fits the niche where hiring a major film or production company for most small to medium business projects is cost prohibitive. But a great price should not be thought of as a reduced service or quality of product. As a local small business we actually do the flying, filming, editing and all communication with the client. We offer a true personal service which most larger companies seem to lose as their labor force and departments increase.


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