Whether she’s in or out of uniform, Wendy Pidel is one of Ellicott City’s true hometown heroes.

As a master firefighter and paramedic with the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services, she serves as one of our community’s brave first responders.

But her commitment to public service doesn’t stop at the end of her shift.

Whether it’s supporting our local businesses, volunteering at community events, hosting gatherings at her Main Street home, or even applying a fresh coat of paint to our beloved landmark railroad bridge, Wendy is there and can always be counted on for her participation and support.  To put it simply, Wendy is one of us.

Wendy’s home was built in 1808, and the original owner’s son married Andrew Ellicott’s granddaughter.  The property sadly sat vacant for 25 years until Wendy and her husband bought it and restored it in 2014.  She invested in our Main Street community because she believes in all that Ellicott City has to offer.

Wendy CHOOSES to call Ellicott City home.  Wendy CHOOSES to make her neighbors, friends, and nearby business owners her extended family.  And because of her choices, we are a much better commUNITY.