Alexander Design Studio exists to pursue the belief that intellectual ideas when coupled with rigorous functional problem solving can produce singular projects emblematic of the highest ideals of the client and the architect. The diversity of our work reflects the core identity of the people and organizations who have entrusted us with their design needs as well as our own search for unique expressions that are timeless in their form and substance.

Alexander Design Studio was founded on the belief that good design is the marriage of intellectual ideas and rigorous, functional problem solving. The firm has evolved to create award winning architecture that reflects the vision, mission, and identity of our clients.

Form and structure, when in the service of compelling design, become powerful and enduring tools of expression. Alexander design studio applies this belief to achieve a synthesis of program, site, budget, and technology.

Our process-oriented approach revolves around an ongoing client dialogue that defines key project parameters. Architectural solutions emerge in a concept driven studio environment, where the design team tests functional scenarios, challenges conventional form making, and pushes design ideas beyond predictable limits.

This dedication to client involvement and idea development results in completed projects that are permanently linked to the physical and cultural memory of their context.


Alexander Design Studio believes that we are responsible for our community and that it is essential we share our ideas and time in a pursuit of a better society. As such we have an ongoing program of pro-bono design for not-for-profit organizations that pursue the greater good through the arts, service, or education. We encourage all firm members to give of their time on boards and community service projects. As such we have been recognized annually by the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the region’s top ten most generous companies by percent of revenue. We have also been practicing sustainable design principles in all of our work long before its embrace by the general public, and have created some landmark projects that have been first in implementing advanced “green” design.

Green Design / Sustainability

While the green building movement is just now beginning to gain major traction in the United States, Alexander Design Studio has long been committed to environmentally sensitive design. From concept through construction, all facets of each project are met with the notion of sustainability in mind.  The firm approaches every project with a conscious effort to minimize the building’s environmental impact on the site, maintain a high degree of energy efficiency, and utilize innovative new environmentally conscious materials.


Alexander Design Studio maintains a highly diverse portfolio of work, which varies widely in scope and budget. We firmly believe that no project is too small or too large, but rather its success is driven by the ideas and relationships that form the design.  We view each project as a distinct opportunity to create a great work of architecture. By shedding our preconceptions, we gain flexibility that allows us to understand the real underlying priorities that yield clarity of function and design.

The heart of our creativity is our collaborative studio environment. Each project benefits from the free exchange of ideas, impromptu desk critiques, and design “pin-ups”. This practice fosters fresh thinking, and ultimately creates solutions with a level of integrity that no one designer can achieve on their own.


Technology permeates every aspect of what we do, and allows us to produce and manage projects with greater efficiency than ever before. While this may be the reason many architects have adopted new methods, we believe the value of technology is much further reaching. It is not simply about doing the same tasks faster, but an entire shift in the way projects are designed and built. For us an important feature of this shift is client involvement.  We work completely in 3 dimensional computer modeling, allowing complex ideas to be demonstrated in a clear pictorial way, making sure everyone can understand options and their ramifications. The result is a client that can go beyond simply approving a design direction to participating in the design process in an empowered and informed way.


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