The ClayGround Studio & Gallery

The ClayGround Studio & Gallery is a place for fun and inspiration, where anyone can be an artist and everyone can be themselves.  The ClayGround is a community gem located in the heart of Old Ellicott City featuring pottery, fused glass and mosaic experiences.  We have pottery wheel classes where you learn to create a bowl, vase or other piece on a pottery wheel; connect with clay classes where you create and engineer small to elaborate pieces from a slab of clay; and fused glass classes where we teach you to cut and grind glass to fill out a clear glass canvas with a one-of-a-kind design- all made entirely by you!  And we have mosaic classes where we teach you to cut and shape glass sheets and tiles to create beautiful and unique pieces.

We also sell a wide array of gorgeous art pieces in our distinctive art gallery featuring all kinds of pottery, glass fusion and mosaic art made by our talented instructors and other unique and beautiful pieces made by local artists.  All hand crafted and all one-of-a-kind functional and whimsical art just waiting to go home with you.

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11am - 6pm


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11am - 6pm


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11am - 5pm


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3715 Old Columbia Pike Ellicott City, MD 21043

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